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Oh dear ! - that dreaded message - HTTP Error 404: File or directory not found.

For the technically challenged, this means that the link you clicked on or the URL you typed into your browser didn't work for some reason. Some possible reasons for this are:-

  1. There is a 'bad link' out there and you were unlucky enough to click on it.
  2. You may have typed the page address incorrectly.
  3. Our web server is temporarily unavailable.

So what now?

Some suggestions:-

  • Try to access the page directly using the links at the top or from the Site Map, instead of using a bookmark. If it has moved, reset your bookmark
  • Try typing the page address in again
  • Send an email to the webmaster to explain your problem

Please feel free to email or phone us on 0411 541 025 if you have any questions.