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There are several compelling reasons why your business needs a mobile version of your website.

In days gone by it was enough to have a desktop designed website. Mobile websites were considered unnecessary. However, today it is important for businesses to understand that mobile websites are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Any website can be viewed on a smart phone, but a website designed for a widescreen desktop monitor is far too clumsy for a mobile phone user to find what they are looking for quickly.

  • These days there are more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users and a thousand more are added every minute! It is estimated that by 2012 there will be more Google mobile searches than Google desktop searches and preference is given to mobile websites for these searches.
  • Mobile websites give us access to information any time and anywhere there is mobile phone coverage.
  • A mobile website loads quickly as it is a cut-down version of the full website.
  • The tedious and frustrating task of having to scroll sideways when viewing normal websites on a mobile device is eliminated with a mobile website.
  • Mobile phone users can take advantage of mobile device capabilities such as clicking on a phone number to call it.
  • People with a condition called "fatfingeritis" have great difficulty clicking on links on normal websites using a touch screen mobile device. However, when we design a mobile version of your website, we take this problem into consideration by making links large enough for most.

See for yourself how a simple mobile website wins hands down when viewed on a mobile device such as the HTC Desire smartphone. Click on one of the 3 images below: -

Slick Sites
Slick Sites
The Slick Sites mobile website includes only the most important information for users in a single column, therefore there is no need to scroll sideways. Large buttons are used at the bottom for navigation and pictures are used sparingly for fast download.
The Ebay mobile website once again consists of a single column layout and uses low resolution images for linking to the various product categories.
Ing Direct
Ing Direct
The full ING Direct website has a flash presentation which didn't load on the HTC Desire. The mobile website on the other hand has just the basic links to the most important information and therefore makes for a far better user experience.

We incorporate automatic mobile detection scripts into your full website when we develop your mobile website. This means that when users enter the full website address into their mobile device browser, they will be automatically redirected to your mobile website.

From the mobile website they can choose to return to the full website by clicking on a "Visit Full Website" link.

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"I have a hairdressing business in Epping Sydney, est. since 1995. I am not computer minded, but realised I need to have a web site. After discussing it with several web professionals and constantly putting it in the too hard basket … Alas I met Rona from slicksites…. The entire project ceased being a problem and became an exciting and creative journey. I am a perfectionist and struggle activating live/ progressive documents. Rona has been patient, supportive professional and practical in her development and application of my website. I am so grateful to her and confident to recommend her to my clients and friends."

Ms Elizabeths Hair Studio
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